Region Tennis 2005

Patented Forehand
Get Down!
Tay Lobs One High... Real High
Eye on the Ball
Taylor Hits a Forehand
After A Serve
Taylor Prepares To Serve
Returning Serve
Winding Up For A Topspin Shot
Defensive Lob
Fear Him
Nate Preparing To Hit
Nate Slices The Return
Nate Ready To Return Serve
Taylor Looks On As Nate's Match Is Moved Indoors
Nate's Serve Is So Fast, The Camera Couldn't Even See It
Taylor & Nick Get Their Medals
Nate Gets His Medal
After Receiving Award
Logan Tennis - Region IV Champs 2005
Logan Tennis - Region IV Champs 2005
Nate & Taylor - Region IV Champs
Nate & Taylor - Region IV Champs

These pictures have been resized for your internet viewing pleasure. They are printable only to 3.8 x 5.067 inches at 100% quality.

For those of you who may want the higher quality originals to print up to 10.8 X 14.4 inches at 100% quality I have added a supplemental page with links to those pictures. Click Below


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Congratulations once again to Taylor & Nate & The 2005 Logan Tennis Team! They've Done It Again! :)

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