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Ballam this, Ballam that. The legendary Ballam name has become well known and feared around the world of tennis. It all started with tennis great Grant Ballam. His talents and drive for the game were passed down through the generations to Chris and Nick Ballam.
Chris played doubles for Logan High from 1990-1994.
Nick played from 1996-2000 and took region in 1st Doubles in 2 consecutive years... 1999 and 2000.
Amber Ballam also played for Logan High capturing 2 Region Titles.

By this time the Ballam Tennis Dynasty was widely known, and feared, but the most powerful players were yet to come...
Brian & Nate Ballam.

Brian and Nate competed for the Logan High Grizzlies last year in Region 4 Tennis, and Brian is a member of the Utah State Tennis Team.

2005 saw two new Ballams enter the Logan High School Tennis Dynasty, Taylor & Corbin. We hope to see more in '06.
Below are some articles on their widely feared games.

USTA Nationals Competition - "Bound for USTA nationals"
Part 1

2004 State Tennis - "Sickly Grizzlies end up fourth"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

2004-05 Utah State Tennis (Brian)
BYU Invitational - 09/17/2004
Utah Statesman Article Page 1 09/22/2004
Utah Statesman Article Page 2 09/22/2004
Utah State's Men's Tennis Team Heads to Utah Invitational 10/06/2004
USU Men's Tennis Opens Play At Utah Invitational - 10/08/2004
Utah Invitational (Herald Journal) 10/09/2004
Utah State Men's Tennis Continues Play at Utah Invitational - 10/10/2004
Utah State Men's and Women's Tennis Head to Wilson Invitational 10/19/2004
Utah State Heads To Vegas (Herald Journal) 10/20/2004
USU Men's Tennis Begins Play at Wilson Invitational 10/22/2004
Vegas Invitational 1st Round (Herald Journal) 10/23/2004
Check Out The USU Tennis Poster Here: USU TENNIS 2004-2005 - 1/1/2005

2005 Logan High Tennis (Nate & Taylor)
Season Preview in the Deseret News
Nate Whips Phillip Whiteley With A Between The Legs Shot! (Herald Journal) (Page 1) 4/30/2005
Nate Whips Phillip Whiteley With A Between The Legs Shot! (Herald Journal) (Page 2) 4/30/2005
Region IV Championship Article (Herald Journal) (Page 1) 5/7/2005
Region IV Championship Article (Herald Journal) (Page 2) 5/7/2005
Tennis Notes: 'Champions' tournament to decide state's best (Salt Lake Tribune) 5/11/2005
State Tennis Draws (Salt Lake Tribune) 5/11/2005

2005 Region IV Championship Pictures - (Nate & Taylor) 5/6/2005

2006 Logan High Tennis (Nate, Taylor, Jordan, Corbin)

2006 Region Championship Pictures - Day 1 -
2006 Region Championship Pictures - Day 2 - 5/11/2006

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